Patient Testimonials

Upon my "graduation" from PT, I just wanted to drop a quick note of appreciation for the excellent care I've received. The attention and care I got from everyone has been first rate since day one. You've clearly assembled an excellent team.

One therapist in particular, though, deserves special commendation. Joann Johnson was my primary physical therapist for my course of treatment, and I couldn't have asked for a better, more compassionate or more professional caregiver. Her ability to sense what I needed, her skill in working with her team (particularly with Kim and Abby, but with everyone), her expertise in keeping me motivated to do all my work at home with fidelity truly made the difference in my excellent outcome. Joann even encouraged me to increase my overall physical fitness beyond working on my knee - and that's a real gift. So...thank you to the whole staff and especially to Joann. I'll recommend the practice at every opportunity, and, while I hope I don't need more PT, if I ever do, rest assured it will be with you.

Fran Migdal